The Top 5 Best Books to Deepen Your Tai Chi Practice

The Top 5 Best Books to Deepen Your Tai Chi Practice

For those looking to take their practice of Tai Chi to a deeper level, there are myriad books to help guide your journey.

There are essential introductory works, all the way to in-depth explorations of the discipline. the right book can be the gateway to unlocking the true depth and power of tai chi. Below are the five best books to deepen your tai chi practice.

Pocket Tai Chi For Beginners

Unlocking the Secrets of Tai Chi

A great place to start for beginners looking to learn the basics of Tai Chi is Pocket Tai Chi for Beignners, by Tri Thong Dang.

This comprehensive guide introduces readers to the fundamentals of Tai Chi, including the philosophy, history, and principles underlying the practice.

While traditional Tai Chi consists of more than 80 intricate movement sequences, the Simplified Tai Chi method simplifies it all into only 24 easy-to-remember forms.

These forms provide the same health benefits as the traditional method but are more accessible to the everyday person for daily practice.

Within this book, you will find all the necessary tools to master Simplified Tai Chi with step-by-step instructions and over 160 illustrations, each designed to be clear and simple.

Tri Thong Dang uses simple language and detailed illustrations to provide a user-friendly book for those just starting out on their tai chi journey.

There Are No Secrets

Ultimate Guide to Tai Chi Movements

In There Are No Secrets, author Wolfe Lowenthal offers a captivating account of Professor Cheng Man Ch'ing and his pioneering role in popularizing Tai Chi outside of China.

Drawing on personal anecdotes and insights from the 60's and 70's, the book provides a rare glimpse into the life and teachings of a true Tai Chi master.

Lowenthal's writing style is both engaging and informative, providing readers with juicy morsels of wisdom that dispel the myth of secret knowledge in the practice of Tai Chi.

Trust us, this book is a must-read for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of Tai Chi and its origins.

The Beginner's Guide To The Tai chi Form

Unveiling the Mysteries of Tai Chi

In The Beginners Guide to the Tai Chi Form, author Paul Read offers a unique approach to the martial art. Rather than presenting a specific form or style, the book delves into the history of Tai Chi and explores a variety of forms and postures.

With a focus on simplicity and accessibility, the book breaks down a dozen popular postures into easy-to-follow patterns of movement.

This approach has earned the book high praise, with some noting its suitability for readers of all levels of Tai Chi experience.

Classical Northern Wu Style Tai Ji Quan

The art of Tai Chi, what with it being around for centuries and all, has numerous styles and forms that have branched off into sport, health, and meditation practices.

However, in this book, readers can delve into the rare, original style developed by Quan You, the best Imperial Palace Guard student of Yang Lu Chan over 150 years ago.

The Classical Northern Wu Style Tai Chi, also known as the Fighting Art of the Manchurian Palace Guard, is a traditional style preserved by Quan You's disciples that covers the principles, characteristics, and essentials of the Wu method.

With a focus on the famous masters of the Wu method, the book provides step-by-step illustrations of the entire classical form, including weapons skills. Overall, this book is a valuable resource for exploring the original style of Tai Ji Quan.

Wu-Style Taichichuan

Explore the Depths of Tai Chi

Discover the comprehensive guide to the original style of Wu Taijiquan through the masterful words of Wu Ying-hua and Ma Yueh-liang!

This powerful duo have dedicated decades to perfecting and promoting Wu style Taijiquan, making them revered experts in the martial arts world. Their book delves into a wide range of topics, including the art's rich history, essential stances, the solo form, push hands, and more.

Wu Ying-hua and Ma Yueh-liang are direct descendants of the legendary Grandmaster Wu Chian Chuan, making them both familial and technical heirs to his extraordinary legacy.

Throughout the book, they offer insightful discussions on the art's internal practice and the significance and history behind each move's name.

Stunning illustrations and an exclusive photographic section featuring Wu Chian Chuan himself litter the book, and they provide readers with an immersive understanding of Wu-style Tai Chi.

This remarkable book also revisits the Tai Chi classics and provides a breakdown of push hands types, making it a crucial addition to any serious martial artist's collection.



If you're looking to deepen your Tai Chi practice and gain more knowledge about the art, the five books listed in this article are excellent resources to consider.

Each book offers a unique perspective on Tai Chi and covers various aspects of the practice, including history, theory, and technique.

By reading and studying these books, you can enhance your understanding of Tai Chi and further develop your skills.

It doesn't quite matter if you're a beginner or an experienced practitioner--these books can provide valuable insights and inspiration to take your Tai Chi practice to the next level.