Ride with Safety: Self-Defense for Bikers

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Biking is an exciting and enjoyable activity, but it can bring its own unique set of safety concerns.

Taking the proper precautions before and during your ride can help make sure that you stay safe while enjoying all that biking has to offer.

Here are some practical self-defense tips and strategies every biker should know in order to stay safe on their next ride.

Protective Clothing & Gear

Nobody likes feeling vulnerable while they’re out riding, so having the right protective clothing and gear is essential for any biker looking to maximize their safety.

Motorcycle jackets made of durable materials like leather or synthetic fabrics provide extra protection against road rash in the event of a crash.

Shoes or boots with thick soles also provide good traction on slippery surfaces. They help protect your feet from flying debris kicked up by passing cars or truck too!

Helmets, though, are undoubtedly the most important piece of protective gear you can wear when biking. Not only do they shield your head from potential accidents, but many states and countries now require them by law!

So make sure you choose one that fits properly and offers ample ventilation, if it's possible, so that you don’t end up scorching your own head when it's scorching out.

Carrying Self Defense Weapons

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Carrying some form of self-defense weapon is another great way to ensure your safety while you're out riding.

The ever-popular pepper spray remains an excellent choice among bikers, since it doesn't require aiming at a target like firearms do.

But if pepper spray isn't an option due to local laws, then you can definitely still consider other non-lethal weapons, like stun guns or tasers. These can incapacitate attackers without causing any permanent damage. Just be aware that they might also be illegal depending on where you live.

If carrying any kind of weapon makes you uncomfortable, there are still plenty of ways to protect yourself without resorting to force.

Just look into defensive driving maneuvers, like evasive swerving techniques, which will allow you to get away quickly if need be without putting anyone else in danger. You're on a bike, after all, which is a huge advantage if you decide that escape is your best course of action!

Anti-Theft Devices & Systems

A wheel with anti-theft device on it.

Unfortunately, theft still does occur even when riders take all the necessary precautions. Thankfully, installing anti-theft devices onto bikes is also always an option, so we recommend them as much as possible.

Disc locks are inexpensive yet effective locks designed specifically for motorcycles. They have a nifty way of working which prevents thieves from rolling away with them.

Motion sensors paired with alarms provide an added layer security against thieves trying break into parked bikes too. Just make sure both systems have enough battery power left before leaving your bike unattended for long periods time!

And finally, investing in good GPS tracking systems installed directly onto bikes will give owners a lot of peace of mind whenever they're not currently on their bike. If their bike ever goes missing, then they'll always know where to find it!

Road Awareness Training & Courses

A woman teaching children in a road awareness course.

Accidents happen. They suck, but the threat they pose just can't even be realistically moved. You shouldn't feel bad though; even experienced riders sometimes find themselves unprepared when sudden, unexpected situations arise while they're out riding.

That's why we definitely recommend taking courses dedicated solely on increasing awareness of road hazards. They're wonderful for anyone who really wants to understand how they can best best keep themselves protected when hazardous scenarios pop up.

Trust me, they're a lot more common than most people realize. Courses like these aren't the kinds of things you'd regret!

Road awareness training also provides invaluable knowledge about defensive driving techniques, which you'll need to learn in order to properly avoid collisions.

Its usefulness doesn't just stop there though. Road awareness can also give you insight into inclement weather conditions and other unexpected obstacles that might hinder you whenever you're out biking!

Invest in Quality Helmets

A high-quality helmet.

Finally, never underestimate the importance of investing in quality helmets. I know we already mentioned them here before, but that just goes to show how important they are to talk about!

Your helmet is your greatest source of protection on the road, especially since bikers don't have any sort of equivalent for seatbelts or airbags.

If an accident happens out on the road, you probably will one part of your body or another. You desperately don't want it to be your head of all places, but if it is, well, at least you'll be ready!

Technology and manufacturing for these are always evolving. Newer models are fully equipped with all the latest features, including improved air flow and adjustable fit settings, among others, so you'll always find something that's just right for you!

Be sure, though, to always check that a helmet meets DOT standards, which are required by most state laws. Assess its ratings, and determine whether a particular model meets your individual needs or budget constraints.


A biker focusing on his time on the road.

There's something awfully enthralling about biking--the rush ofair, the wind on your body, the thrill of the open road. But it's hard to enjoy any of that when you're worried for your life while you're out there.

A little bit of preparation is all you'll need to ease your mind on that, so keep these tips to heart. What we've shared here will prove invaluable for any biker who wants to stay safe and protected while riding. If you keep them in mind, then you'll have very little to worry about on the road!

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