Stay Connected and Safe: The Best Self-Defense Apps for Women

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No woman should ever have to feel danger. It doesn't matter where you're headed or who you're headed with, you deserve to feel safe.

But in this day and age, personal safety is still a major concern.

And with violence against women on the rise once again, it’s important to stay connected with resources that can protect you when you need protection the most.

That’s why self-defense apps for women are such an invaluable tool. They provide access to vital information in an instant, giving users peace of mind and a greater sense of security.

What Is A Self-Defense App?

A self-defense app active on someone's phone.

Self-defense apps are mobile phone applications designed to help keep women safe from harm. They typically offer a wealth features, such as:

  • GPS tracking, to allow family and friends to locate you if needed
  • Panic buttons, to alert contacts about any emergencies
  • Emergy contacts, typically to local police departments and other authorities;
  • Quick, accessible self-defense tips and techniques.

You'll always have peace of mind if you have resources like these readily available. After all, you'd know that if anything were to happen, help will only be a button away--literally!

Why Are These Apps So Important?

A few apps on a phone, typically some of the most common or important ones.

These apps are great because they provide you with quick access to important tools, skipping entirely through the search for bulky books or websites full of complicated jargon that, let's face it, we just don't have the time to understand!

By downloading one app onto your phone, you get immediate access all these resources—self-defense techniques, emergency contact numbers for authorities, GPS tracking options—all at the same time!

Plus, many of these apps also come equipped with helpful reminders, like check-in notifications, which remind your loved ones that you're safe after dark or when travelling alone.

They do this by sending your current location back home via a text message or email every few hours, or even minutes depending on your configurations. Nifty stuff!

The 5 Most Popular Self-Defense Apps For Women

Some more of the most common apps on a phone.

When choosing a self-defense app, you should ideally try and get one specifically tailored towards your own feminine needs. Just any run-of-the mill security app won't do! To ensure maximum efficiency, here are five popular choices among female users today:


bSafe is a user-friendly protection app that offers real time monitoring capabilities, including an innovative Follow Me mode, which allows family and friends to, as the name suggests, virtually follow along from anywhere.

That's not all it's got going for it though: you can enjoy virtual bodyguards who act as backup during tricky situations, automatic SOS alerts and manual check-ins to let your loved ones know where you are, and an audio recording feature for capturing evidence if necessary.


Kitestring is an SMS-based service that sends automated check-ins and reminders to your contacts. The kicker though is that it can do this even when cell signal is unavailable. You've got two-way messaging and video streaming services too, just in case you want them.

So enroll your contacts and set up triggers before heading out, then relax, because Kitestring's got you covered!

React Mobile

React Mobile gives you instant integrated alarms, panic buttons, and broadcast messages right into social media platforms like Facebook almost instantly. That means you can alert thousands of people to an emergency within seconds--perfect for a crisis situations.

Customizable geo fencing also means someone can receive alerts from you when you enter specific areas too!


StaySafe tracks movement using built-in GPS systems while keeping track of routes taken each day via an interactive map viewer. It also includes a secure chatroom, private communications between trusted individuals, and customizable safety plans.

Circle of 6

Circle of 6 incorporates a direct calling system straight from the app itself, allowing you to contact any six chosen people directly and immediately. You can also send pre-programmed messages asking for quick assistance, so you won't have to worry about getting stuck anywhere.


A lock, which is meant to symbolize security.

Self-defense apps are a valuable tool that any woman can use to look out for herself, especially in today's world. With the convenience of having your personal safety all in your fingertips, these apps offer you easy-to-use features that can make all the difference in a dangerous situation.

But remember that these apps do not--and should not--replace traditional self-defense training and common sense precautions. They're just a way to supplement them!

If you combine these resources though, you can expect to be excellently equipped and near-fully protected enough to confidently navigate through your daily life.

So download one of these apps, take a class, and remember to stay safe out there!

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