How Many Times A Week Should You Do BJJ? Get The Answers Here!

How many times a week should you do BJJ

BJJ is fun! As one of the premier martial arts in the entire world, it's got a lot going on for it and has a lot to offer you. It's only natural for you want to get the most out of it.

But that does beg the question: just how often should you do BJJ? How much of it do you need to do per week to make sure you're actually benefiting from it? Today, we'll be looking into just that.

What's the Ideal Number of Times A Week You should Do BJJ?

Whats the Ideal Number of Times a Week You Should Do BJJ 1

You should strive to train around five times a week. This is right about the sweet spot for keeping your body in shape, learning new techniques, keeping up-to-date with old ones, and brushing up on key principles.

Five isn't the be-all end-all though, and there are a few factors that can affect how often you should ideally train, the most noticeable among them being your experience level.

To put it into perspective: beginners would likely be better off training three times a week, or maybe even two if they're really having trouble.

The intensity in BJJ can be pretty overwhelming for a newcomer, especially when it comes to drilling and rolling, so their body will likely need a bit of time to get used to that--and the DOMS that come with it!

Experienced jujitsukas, however, can freely increase the frequency of their training sessions to something more radical, like six times a week--or maybe even daily! It's fully expected that they're capable of handling the typical hardships in BJJ, so they're in a much better spot in this regard.

Just remember that if you do decide to practice everyday, don't just do the same thing over and over. That's an easy way to overtrain a specific part of your body, which is an easy way to reach burnout, which is an easy way to get an injury, which is an easy way to... well, you get the idea.

Considerations When Deciding How Often to Do BJJ

A to-do list indicating a person's list of daily responsibilities--an incredibly important consideration when deciding how much BJJ to do per week.

We may have mentioned that training five times a week is the ideal, but ultimately, no one can decide what's best for you... other than you.

That's because you have your own set of unique factors and considerations that you'll need to keep in mind before you really go hard on training.

We've already mentioned how experience level is something to keep in mind, but your fitness level is too. BJJ's who are more fit can naturally expect to train more often--and probably should.

Those who are not quite at their level should take it down a notch, but that doesn't mean they should slack off. There's still lots of time for conditioning work and studying up on techniques.

Naturally, you should also consider your other responsibilities. A lot of people can get carried away with BJJ and devote a bit too much of themselves into the sport--and that's admirable, to be sure!

But you can't let it get in the way of what your other priorities are. You have a life outside of BJJ, of course, and you should always keep that in mind. If three sessions a week is all you can squeeze into your schedule or all your budget can afford, then that's totally okay!

So all of this depends on quite a lot of things: your own personal goals, your experience, your fitness, among others. You should try training as much as you can, but circumstances may not always permit that, so decide for yourself what works for you.

The Benefits Of Training Three Times A Week Or More

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In case you can train that much a week though, then you're in luck! That's when you're likely to get the most out of BJJ.

This kind of regular attendance is ideal for fostering muscle memory and retention, making sure that you learn faster, and that what you learn actually sticks.

Remember that BJJ can be fairly complex, and it's incredibly unlikely for you to master something on your first go. It's likely you'll still pick up on new things fairly slowly, constantly practicing, day in and day out, is a surefire way to achieve faster progress and growth.

It also makes sure that your body is constantly receiving the kind of stimulus it needs to keep itself healthy and fit, so you'd be doing your health a ton of favors too.

You can try setting weekly targets, either physical or technique-wise, to make sure you really are getting the most out of your five sessions a week. It'd be a good way to track your progress over time too.


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Self-defense is an incredibly valuable skill to have, but it'll take time and hard work for you to achieve it. Training five times a week is exactly the kind of commitment you should be showing BJJ, and if you can manage this, then it'll reward you tenfold.

But if you can't, then don't beat yourself up about it! Listen to your body, take into account what you can and can't do, and don't be afraid to set your own limitations. It isn't "lazy" to have reasonable expectations, after all--just smart!

Wondering if you may not be the "right age" for BJJ? Don't worry, we've got your back!